Camera Lucida NY

Moon Safari participe à l’exposition Camera Lucida au centre des Nations Unies de New York!

Du 26 Novembre au 6 Décembre 2018 

Delegate’s entrance, United nations headquarters – New York

Between November 26 and December 5 2018, Camera Lucida contemporary jewelry and mixed-cost exhibition will be showcased in the world’s largest diplomatic center: the UN headquarters in New York. The project takes place in the context of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary since the end of World War I and the Great Union Centennial and is organized by Assamblage – The National Association for Contemporary Jewelry in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Identity National, with the support of Simplu, MakerShop and Montblanc Romania.

What is the connection between contemporary jewelry to the notions of war and conflict?

How can contemporary artists and designers inquire about the social and historical context, about peace and dialogue, and how can they claim their active role for a better world?